Mood Manager

Everybody is down and depressed at Tit’s due to the bad economy, but Goldie has the solution: She has employed a Mood Manager!

No more negative talk is allowed, no-one can say empty bowl, but must say that the bowl is opened to be filled with yummy treats, says Goldie.

The mood manager (a Golden Doodle named Positron) got all the dogs together and called for communal tail wagging. “Start wagging, life is fun, challenges are development opportunities, hunger is character building, and we will soon find some government money to bail us out anyway”, she barked. “Wag left, wag right, that’s right, faster and faster, wag, wag, wag!”

The tailless dogs walked out. “Not funny at all, totally insensitive to bodily difference,” they said. I agreed.

The tail complete dogs kept on wagging to Positrons directions. It did not change the balance sheet or the mood.