Angel Dog Diary – Latest Diary Entries

This is the true story about my life and adventures in Doggy Heaven where I am surrounded by doggy friends. For more background information, click on the sidebar, or dive into my latest diary updates below. The current diary entries are from my second year in Doggy Heaven.

A Growing Economy

Business is booming in Doggy Heaven, it is easy to get a job, everyone is short on staff. There are openings for: shaped dog treat baker, artistic claw painter, numerous positions in dog massage spas, someone is looking for a portrait sculptor, bed fluffer, mood booster (sorry Positron took that one), plenty of opportunities as … Continue reading A Growing Economy

Financial Merry Go Round

“We need to stimulate spending,” said Cash the other day. He should know, he has a degree in Economy. “It works like this, if dog A buys something, goods or a service, dog B gets paid. Then dog B spends the money and dog C gets an income. And so, it goes until someone pays … Continue reading Financial Merry Go Round

Royal Scottish Guard Dog Again

Some old lady has died on Earth and Zorro is all in a twist. “We need parades, committees, a general clean up and proper procedures,” he said. He then put on his medals, dressed up in a tartan sash and paraded up and down the park. “I have always served my Earthly masters,” he explained … Continue reading Royal Scottish Guard Dog Again

High Heels for Loba

Loba is intrigued that lots of females on Earth are wearing shoes with high heels. It seems like some of the most respected females wear the highest heels! “I wonder what it is for?” she said, “could it be an equalizer to the male dogs? Maybe it helps you run faster and jump higher?” I … Continue reading High Heels for Loba

What does Zorro want?

“I don’t know what Zorro wants”, said Loba. “He says he does not get what he wants, but when I ask him what it is, he won’t tell me. It is not apple pie, not to go roaming, I tried new slippers but that was not it. I brought him a bone, a tug toy, … Continue reading What does Zorro want?


Trust in Toff is continuing to loose money but it’s stock price is just going up and up. Cash has explained it all: “The bigger the losses and the less business we do, the bigger the potential to grow in the future. TiT’s is a growth stock. The company will probably create enormous profits in … Continue reading Profits

Call for King

“Zorro!” Loba barked, “earlier today I got a call for King, do you know anything about this?” Zorro looked bashful for a moment, but answered that he had no idea who King was. “So this is not you who are the handsome, distinguished, kind and wealthy gentledog seeking female chihuahua for mutual grooming and roly … Continue reading Call for King

Doggy Dating

“Flurry, you need a girlfriend,” Zorro woke me up this morning. I told him that I was very happy living with him and Loba and Aunt Kara and I did not need a girlfriend. “Nonsense.” Zorro insisted, “I help you to get on a dating site.” I was not enthusiastic about this, but Zorro did … Continue reading Doggy Dating


Thee are mass layoffs at Tit’s. “We need to refocus and go back yo our core business,” said Cash is a press release. “We are releasing some of our less productive staff.” All the new hire’s offers got rescinded. Streamer, the new recruiter also had to go, he had only worked two weeks for Tits. … Continue reading Layoffs

Recruiting Campaign

I heard that Trust in Toff (TiT) is recruiting. “All important companies have recruitment campaigns to attract the best and the brightest,” said Goldie. “TiT needs the best more than ever, the future is bright at Tits.” I thought that they had financial problems and maybe should think about reducing staff? Loba got approached by … Continue reading Recruiting Campaign

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