Angel Dog Diary – Latest Diary Entries

This is the true story about my life and adventures in Doggy Heaven where I am surrounded by doggy friends. For more background information, click on the sidebar, or dive into my latest diary updates below. The current diary entries are from my second year in Doggy Heaven.

Zorro is Taking Lots of Calls

Zorro does not have much time for Loba and me anymore, his phone is constantly ringing. It is all the venture capitalists lining up to invest in Zorro’s Zecurity. That is what Zorro says. A particular dog is very insistent, but he won’t say his name. Zorro showed me the phone so I could read … Continue reading Zorro is Taking Lots of Calls

Venture Capitalist Needed

The board at Zorros’ Zecurity has decided to follow Cash’s advice and spend more to generate profits. Dear Diary, I always wonder who is on the board. I know it is not anyone that does core business work. I think it is Goldie herself (a therapy dog and HR manager), Cash (an economist), Chat (the … Continue reading Venture Capitalist Needed


Dear Diary, Loba, Zorro, Kara and I were very pleased seeing Misty on Earth, posting photos on Instadog. (Misty is the dog Mom and Dad adopted after I passed to Heaven). Misty is living the high life. She is allowed on the settee, which I was not, and she is wearing my sweater. I guess … Continue reading Instadog

Can’t Fail Economic Plan

Cash, the economist dog, has laid out a plan to stimulate the economy and get Zorro’s Zecurity more solvent. “It is all about spending, you see,” said Cash. “You must spend to make money. Spend fast and furious and everyone benefits. It works like this: A business owner, like Zorro right here in Zorro’s Zecurity, … Continue reading Can’t Fail Economic Plan

Virus In the Office

Dear Diary, we had to close the office for a few days, all the dogs were getting sick with stomach ailments. A doctor traced it to the communal eating bowls, a sick dog started the epidemic. Goldie took strong action and removed the communal bowls. Now, everyone has to bring their own bowl and food … Continue reading Virus In the Office

Spokes Dog

After the theft, (and there have been a few more) Zorros Zecurity is receiving a lot of negative comments and critique and Goldie is tired of answering difficult questions. She is hiring a Spokes Dog that will be the public front of the company. After reviewing many resumes, where Goldie rejected any dog with actual … Continue reading Spokes Dog

Logo Change

Goldie has decided that Zorro’s Zecurity’s problems are due to the logo. It is two black Z next to each other on an orange background. ‘”We need a modern approach, we must be greener,” said Goldie. She called all the best corporate designers to submit their suggestions. Zorro was disturbed, but he did not protest. … Continue reading Logo Change

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