Angel Dog Diary – Latest Diary Entries

This is the true story about my life and adventures in Doggy Heaven where I am surrounded by doggy friends. For more background information, click on the sidebar, or dive into my latest diary updates below. The current diary entries are from my third year in Doggy Heaven.


Zorro has been advised to invest in crypto, but he can’t find any. Maybe he should try a book shop? They have all sorts of puzzles. But I am hard to understand how it could be an investment. Maybe it is an investment in time to solve cryptic problems?

Complaining Corgis

The Corgis are angry they are not special anymore, for some reason King Charles Cavalier Spaniels have taken their honor place. “It is so unfair, why should we have to give up the royal treats” whined a Corgi called Clover, “the Spaniels are mean and not sharing! They are depriving us of all the perks…

Zorro is Investing

Zorro has become really boring; all he does all day is looking at share prices going up and down. Today, the unemployment figures were high, and all the stocks are down. Yesterday, estimates of future earnings were high at Trust in Toff and it carried all the stocks up. The day before, investors were worried…

Summary of the Annual Pedigree Club’s New Year’s Day Parade

The King Charles Spaniels walked first, the Basset’s second and the honor placement of the Corgis was gone. Toff was on a float with the economy dog Cash and the spokes dog Chat. The float was decorated in a colorful Hawaiian theme with hula dancing Greyhounds and flowery leis. Toff was on a throne dressed…

Happy New Year!

I am not much for partying, but I have been binge watching the Lawrence Welk Show all evening. There are so many episodes it will last me all next year. Loba and Zorro are dancing at the park, I am glad for my noise cancelling headphones. Zorro is blowing his police whistle all the time…

Merry Christmas!

Last year, we had an extravagant Christmas party at Zorros’ Zecurity. This year, we were lower key, celebrating with the other dogs at the park. Loba and I got everything on our wish lists, but Zotto did not get a car, or a motorbike or a bird feeder. He was a little disappointed I think,…

Christmas Wish Lists for Santa

Today, Zorro and Loba told me what they wanted from Santa, and I had to do the writing. Zorro’s list A red motorbike or a red sportscar with black speed stripes on the side. Leather driving gloves. A police whistle. A birdfeeder. A red tartan collar with my name engraved on a plate. Loba asked…

You Are Warned!

We occasionally check on our human family and Misty on Earth, and overall, they are doing fine. Dad has put up a big fence to keep the deer out of his vegetable garden, so Misty has hardly any varmint control to do. Mom’s flowers are also safe from chlorophyll chompers. She and Misty takes lots…

Investing in Property

Zorro and Loba have been advised by Cash to buy a bigger doghouse. “Property goes up in price,” said Cash. “I advise you to borrow as much as you can and buy the most expensive doghouse you can get.” I was not convinced this was a good idea, so I asked if the loans are…

Falling Dog Food Tins

Cash (or tin) flow has become a problem again, so some of the dogs that bought tin bonds want to cash them out. They paid 2 tins and were promised 10 later. “I am afraid the tin bonds are only worth half a tin now,” said Cash (the economist dog). “Tin production has not been…

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