Angel Dog Diary

This is the true story about my life and adventures in Doggy Heaven where I am surrounded by doggy friends. For more background information, click on the sidebar, or dive into my latest diary updates below.

Choosing a New Pack Member

Loba made us stop moaning and make the best of the situation, so we are making new plans. If we cannot go back to Earth, we will help Mom and Dad to choose a new dog that is right for our family. We have been studying available shelter dogs all day. Dad talks about an … Continue reading Choosing a New Pack Member

A Depressing Day

Deer Diary, we are all depressed. Zorro chewed up his sunglasses. “I won’t be sitting poolside”, he whined. “Heaven is all right, but it is a little boring at times. Have not been in a good fight since I came here. I am not sure I am needed in Heaven, there are not even varmints. … Continue reading A Depressing Day

Back to Earth

I have been dispatched to find out from the Heavenly Authorities how, and when, we can return to Earth. I was chosen because I have an education and know the legal lingo, says Zorro. The answer is no. NO NO NO. The road is one way, from Earth to Doggy Heaven, there is no road … Continue reading Back to Earth

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One thought on “Angel Dog Diary”

  1. Hey

    I have worked in animal rescue for 30 years, for the International League for the Protection of Horses, Redwings, Galway SPCA and several other centres here in Ireland. Over that period I have collected my favourite dog poems into a book. These poems are more like dog short stories. They’re fun, they’re sad, they’ll break your heart, they’ll make you smile. Few people reading these poems will cast a cold eye on a dog ever again.

    For dog lovers, these are just what the vet ordered. For non-dog lovers, they have the power to convert, by changing hearts and minds, by providing insight into the lives of Our Best Friends!

    Please give them a mention on your blog. And please consider me for an author interview (although I’m not really an author, I just compiled them, because I believe them to be the best dog stories ever written).

    You may also offer e-copies free to your members. No downloading required. Just click and read:

    Or, those those who prefer a print copy, they can be found on all Amazon platforms, under:

    Our Best Friends by Phyllis Anne Smyth.

    Stay safe


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