Angel Dog Diary – Latest Diary Entries

This is the true story about my life and adventures in Doggy Heaven where I am surrounded by doggy friends. For more background information, click on the sidebar, or dive into my latest diary updates below. The current diary entries are from my third year in Doggy Heaven.

Falling Dog Food Tins

Cash (or tin) flow has become a problem again, so some of the dogs that bought tin bonds want to cash them out. They paid 2 tins and were promised 10 later. “I am afraid the tin bonds are only worth half a tin now,” said Cash (the economist dog). “Tin production has not been … Continue reading Falling Dog Food Tins

I am Blue Paw Print Approved!

This blue paw print certifies that I am the real Flurry D. Dog and not an imposter. Only read blog posts from the real me. I have many imposters and here are a few that have used my content without permission: Greatpaws, Petwangwang, UT Dog, petdogsshopping, lovemydogshop, petprostore, dogsintro, snugdugs, fanshubguide Please chase them off! … Continue reading I am Blue Paw Print Approved!

Financial Advisor

Zorro has hired Cash to be his financial advisor. Zorro wants to be as rich as Toff! Or preferably, richer. “It is easy,” explained Cash. “You buy shares when the price is low, wait for the value to go up and then you sell. Can’t fail. That will be 5 tins please, payment due on … Continue reading Financial Advisor

Snowflake On the Job

Loba ran into Snowflake, the new patrol dog at Trust in Toff (TiT). They had plenty to share. A lot is the same, a lot has changed since Loba’s time. Still, management has no clue or interest in the actual execution of real security services in the security company. “We have 5 managers for every … Continue reading Snowflake On the Job

Interesting Rates

“Rates are very interesting,” says Cash. He should know, he has been to economy school, they learned a lot about interesting rates there. When rates are low, spending will be high, and that is good for the economy. Cash learned that low rates make the financial merry-go-round spin faster and everyone has jobs. On top … Continue reading Interesting Rates

Cash to the Rescue

“I am going to resolve the crisis of low pay and cash flow problems,” said Cash. I am going to issue Tin Bonds. Each bond is worth 10 tins and cost 2 tins. For every bond we sell, we get an additional 8 tins!” “It is genius, I am a genius!” The dogs ran to … Continue reading Cash to the Rescue


While the economy is booming, the workers in the new businesses are complaining on low pay. “I just can’t live on a tin day,” said a chocolate Labrador, working as a play buddy. “My job is hard; I have to run a lot. The employer said he is willing to pay more but is waiting … Continue reading Shortages

Climate Change Protests

Goldie, the retired HR manager is active in the Climate Change movement and has organized a protest. She is good at motivating dogs, so there is a big crowd. “We Want Climate Change,” they shouted, and Goldie egged them on with a megaphone in her paw. “What Do We Want,” she barked. “We Want Global … Continue reading Climate Change Protests

A Growing Economy

Business is booming in Doggy Heaven, it is easy to get a job, everyone is short on staff. There are openings for: shaped dog treat baker, artistic claw painter, numerous positions in dog massage spas, someone is looking for a portrait sculptor, bed fluffer, mood booster (sorry Positron took that one), plenty of opportunities as … Continue reading A Growing Economy

Financial Merry Go Round

“We need to stimulate spending,” said Cash the other day. He should know, he has a degree in Economy. “It works like this, if dog A buys something, goods or a service, dog B gets paid. Then dog B spends the money and dog C gets an income. And so, it goes until someone pays … Continue reading Financial Merry Go Round

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  1. Hey

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    For dog lovers, these are just what the vet ordered. For non-dog lovers, they have the power to convert, by changing hearts and minds, by providing insight into the lives of Our Best Friends!

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