Me: My name is Flurry and I am a miniature Poodle, color apricot according to the breeder (although that washed off when we came home). My color now is more a yellowish white. I had a good life on Earth as a pet, but I really never liked too much dog stuff.

This is me a young puppy.

This is me as a grown up.

Zorro: My uncle that lived with my family in South America. He is a medium sized street dog with reddish short fur, and his name means fox in Spanish. Uncle Zorro is very tough and he thinks he is of Royal Ancestry from Scotland. The breed may be Scottish Royal Guards Mixed, but he has misplaced the pedigree chart.

Zorro and Loba.

Loba: My aunt that lived with my family in South America. She is a medium sized street dog with one ear up, one ear down, one blue eye and one brown eye. Her coat is whitish, and her name means wolf in Spanish. Aunt Loba loves to be free and is very adventurous. She can climb any fence. Her breed is Street Mix with some Husky.

Zorro and Loba have the area under control.

Kara: My old aunt that lived with Mom when she was a child. She is an Airedale terrier and she loves the outdoors, especially snow.

Kara in summer.
Kara loves snow.

Misty: A mutt that was rescued from living with cats and now lives with Mom and Dad on Earth in their new house.


Toff: A pedigree Bassett Hound, chairman of the Pedigree Club, owned a dog food factory on Earth, very rich.

Goldie: A Golden Retriever, dog Psychologist, Management Advisor, Human Resource dog, Climate Activist, whatever. Likes bacon.

Cash: A Dobermann Pinscher, Economist.

Chat: Springer Spaniel, Spokes dog for corporations.

People (Who cares?)

Mom: My human Mom (Mistress according to Zorro)
Dad: My human Dad (Master according to Zorro)
Elise: My human big sister