Summary of the Annual Pedigree Club’s New Year’s Day Parade

The King Charles Spaniels walked first, the Basset’s second and the honor placement of the Corgis was gone. Toff was on a float with the economy dog Cash and the spokes dog Chat. The float was decorated in a colorful Hawaiian theme with hula dancing Greyhounds and flowery leis. Toff was on a throne dressed like a king with a crown and holding a scepter. The parade threw dog treats to the spectators, mostly mongrels and conscientious objectors, like me and Zorro.

There was a lot of excitement about the annual Toff award, who had done outstanding work for the homeless dogs this year? The jury consisted of Cash and Chat, and it went to Toff himself! The motivation was his tireless work to feed the dog world through the Earthly dog food factory and for his safety record at TiT’s (Trust in Toff security company). No dogs on patrol had been injured!

They did not mention that no thefts had been stopped and that patrol service had been at a minimum. Toff got a rousing applaud when he received the award of 1000 tins of Toff’s Select dog food.

What’s he going to do with that? Probably paying outstanding salaries to the administrative staff at the loss-making business; TiT.