Doggy Dating

“Flurry, you need a girlfriend,” Zorro woke me up this morning. I told him that I was very happy living with him and Loba and Aunt Kara and I did not need a girlfriend. “Nonsense.” Zorro insisted, “I help you to get on a dating site.”

I was not enthusiastic about this, but Zorro did not listen. He told me I needed a profile. And so he dictated my profile:

Wealthy and well educated Miniature Poodle seeks petite female company for playtime at the park, romantic howls at the moon, mutual grooming and cozy napping. I am well educated and easy going.

Answer to Tempest.

“Who is Tempest?”, I asked. “It’s you,” said Zorro, “We will call you Tempest on the profile, Flurry sounds a bit weak.”