Recruiting Campaign

I heard that Trust in Toff (TiT) is recruiting. “All important companies have recruitment campaigns to attract the best and the brightest,” said Goldie. “TiT needs the best more than ever, the future is bright at TiTs.”

I thought that they had financial problems and maybe should think about reducing staff?

Loba got approached by a head hunter. “The job is security patrol,” said the head hunter, a previously pampered pooch called Streamer. “Do you think you can handle this?”

Loba asked if it would involve night work. Streamer did not know, but did not think so. “Who would do that,” said Streamer. “Well, not me,” said Loba, “I am not interested.” Streamer pleaded with her, talked about benefits and a long term rewarding career at TiT’s, but Loba politely declined.

In the end we heard they recruited a Poodle called Snowflake. He had worked for some famous politician at Earth. “At least he has experience with slimeballs,” said Loba.