Cash Flow

Despite massive spending on executives at Trust in Toff (TiT), money is not trickling down to the common dogs, and no new clients have signed up for security services. The power dogs just put the money in the stock market and swapped properties with other power dogs, every time driving up the price on the same house to astronomical levels without building new houses.

“I have so much money, it does not matter what I pay for a house,” said the Chief Strategist, “I just pay anything the markets asks.”

Middle Management borrow money and also buy big houses, because interest rates are almost nothing.

“If I want a house, I pay for it,” said the Manager of Climate Change, “one, two or three hundred thousand more, what does it matter, I just borrow at interest rates below inflation. In fact, the more borrow, the more I win. Why compromise on size and location when the government is giving me free money?”

“But are you nor worried that you lose your job or that interest rates go up in the future?” I asked, “after all, your loans are massive.”

“We are not worried,” said the middle managers in unison,” Cash says they will never increase interest rates because that will spark a recession. And Cash knows these things, he is an economist!”

As the rich dogs have everything else already, they are only investing in assets and not consumer goods, and their huge compensation packages are not trickling down.