Trust in Toff

As predicted, Toff is causing all sorts of grief for Zorro. The investment is being used to pay for company cars for the entire board, except for Zorro, he was already given his old Mustang back in the deal. The outstanding staff salaries and debts to contractors and suppliers are not being addressed. Goldie and Cash are postponing the payments, against Zorro’s objections.

“There is no hurry, we are predicting huge future earnings,” said Cash.

“Don’t worry about losses now, think positively,” said Goldie.

To show that the company has a new start, Toff wants to change the name of the company to “Trust in Toff” (TiT)!

Zorro protested vigorously, and it came to a vote by the shareholders. It turns out that Goldie and Cash had awarded themselves 1.5% of the company each, “for facilitating the refinancing”. So, they have 3% and Toff has 48% and they voted together against Zorro’s 49%.

Zorro’s Zecurity is gone, welcome to Trust in Toff (TiT).