Reflections on Society

Dear Diary, I have always been reflecting about life and here are some of my observations:

Society is very badly organized. First, the puppy’s play. Then, we tell them to sit still in school. Then, we tell them to exercise more.

Then, as adult dogs we have to work, often long hours and commute too. Even when you have puppies you have to leave them with minimal supervision to go to work! Then, society wonders why the puppies are misbehaving.

Then, when the puppies are grown up, you are told your job is needed for younger dogs. This happens when you are really good at your job and you have given up on all your dreams about climbing mountains, sailing around the world, or being a rock star. You are just too old for that, but a desk job would be really interesting.

So, from working 24/7, 365 days a year with minimal sleep, there is now more free time than you can deal with. Your grand puppies are far away because you moved too many times to keep up with your job that you just have been early retired from.

And the circle starts again.

It is so stupid.