Venture Capitalist Invests in Zorro’s Zecurity

Cash has found a venture capitalist willing to invest. “A very distinguished dog,” said Cash, “he is also a friend of mine, and prepare for this: he is the President of the Pedigree Club!”

Curtains. Toff is Zorro’s worst enemy.

Cash did not notice Zorros apprehension and continued excitedly “he has made tons on money on the Heavenly Snacks, and he has an almost inexhaustible supply of Toff’s Tins, even the Select Series. Toff is the answer to Zorro’s Zecurity’s problems.”

Toff is offering to invest 500 tins of Toff’s Regular and 500 tins of Toff’s Select and 1000 bags of Heavenly Snacks for a 48% share of Zorro’s Zecurity and a place on the board.

Goldie is advising Zorro to accept; it will save the company. When Zorro showed some apprehension, Toff sweetened Zorro up and gave the Mustang car back as icing on the cake! Loba and I told Zorro to reject the offer, he will not like working with Toff, but Zorro said he has no choice, he is too deep in debt. “And I am still the Chair of the board, I have the most shares at 49%, and I get my Mustang back.”

Goldie and Cash posted the news on Instadog , Pawlink, and Noosebook and then called a press conference together with Toff. Zorro did not want to participate but took me and Loba on a drive in the countryside.

I wonder who has the remaining 3% of the shares?